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Validation Methodology

Now that you have a functioning "style.css", "template.html" and "theme.php" you should verify that it is generating valid output.

  1. Suggestions to help you bring the theme you are editing up to XHTML 1.0 Transitional HTML
    • All ampersands that form part of a URL are to be coded '&'. There are quite a few of these in the functions of theme.php.
    • All images to have the 'alt' attribute, and be closed ' />'.
    • All meta tags should be closed ' />'
    • All <hr> and <br> tags should be closed <hr /><br />
    • All background images/colors to be changed to CSS or style attributes. This depends on the layout.
    • Any existing tags or attributes in uppercase (such as onClick) to be changed to lowercase.
  2. Save all your open files and upload them to your webserver; test-drive both as admin and as "regular" user.
  3. Use the following methodology to confirm that your theme generates valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional HTML.

    Each of the following pages needs to be validated as an anonymous user, registered user, and in admin mode:

    • index.php
    • thumbnails.php
    • displayimage.php
    • search.php
    • emailed HTML E-card.

    The following toolbars can assist you in validating the resulting output of your theme:

    Internet Explorer:

    Mozilla Firefox:


Your theme should now be ready to use with Coppermine 1.4.x


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