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Smart Yard Care – New Handbook for Homeowners../images/09_az_sagu_hfr2_1.jpg

Smart Yard Care – Big Rewards from Small Investments in Stewardship, is a new book that takes a holistic look at landscaping and home life to promote Firewise practices. The book by Francis J. Reilly, Jr. offers some environmentally friendly alternatives to burning leaves and other yard waste including ways to avoid generating the waste in the first place. Debris burning is a major cause of unwanted wildfires.


 Thoughtful homeowners, especially those in Mid-Atlantic States, will find good information to help reduce, reuse or recycle yard waste to help reduce the fuel load from home landscapes. Fewer burning debris piles may help decrease unwanted wildfire starts. The handbook also provides useful tips on dealing with invasive species and living with wildlife, as well as protecting human homes and landscapes from wildfire.


This project is the culmination of an idea first brought to the Virginia Cooperative Extension of Virginia Tech by Barb Stewart of the National Park Service. She, Stephanie Bushong of the USDA Forest Service and Cindy Frenzel, then with the Virginia Department of Forestry, were looking for environmentally sensitive ways to help people protect their homes from wildland fire. David D. Close, Virginia State Master Gardener Coordinator, was project director. National Fire Plan funds supported the project through an agreement with the National Park Service Southern Appalachian Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit.




A chapter from the book dealing with Fire Safety at the Wildland/Urban Interface is available here.


Two stories relate earlier stages of the project: 



To purchase copies of Smart Yard Care, go to: http://www.hort.vt.edu/mastergardener/smartyardstorefront.html  



InIterested in acquiring this book? Here’s how:


·       Cost -- $19.95 + shipping & handling


·       Special pricing can be arranged for orders of 100 or more and they can be shipped directly to you from the printer

·       For more information about how to make a bulk order please contact

Dave Close, State Master Gardener Coordinator

Virginia Tech

Department of Horticulture

407 Saunders (0327)

Blacksburg, VA  24061






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