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Programming and Project Planning Unit 6

This final unit of the MGLCS training program will be a culmination of all the work that has gone into previous training units. You will use your programming training and your work in your community to plan Land Care Management programs and training for your community.


  • Prepare program plans.

  • Present program plans.

  • Refine plans.

  • Set a schedule for the coming year’s programming.

Becoming a Land Care Steward:

Programmatic Resources

The pages linked below provide resources & examples of the five levels of programming and informational materials available through Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Level 1 Programming Resource List: Numbered Extension Publications

Level 2 Programming Resource List: Presentation Materials

Level 3 Programming Resource List: Project Suggestions and Examples

Level 4 Programming Resource List: Program Examples

Level 5 Programming Resource List: Sustainable Program Examples

Programmatic Examples specific to Land Care

Programmatic Handbook This is a large Adobe Acrobat file and can take a long time to download. It is provided as part of the training materials for Advanced Master Gardener - Land Care Training.

What do I do now 2011 A PowerPoint presentation of programmatic training specifically developed for use with the Land Care Stewardship Program.

What do I do now 2011 A Microsoft WORD handout to accompany the Programmatic Training

Initiation, Implementation, and Lessons Learned. Hanover County Advanced Master Gardeners: Land Care Stewards, Including: Emily Gianfortoni Sherry Giese and Pattie Bland. UNIT 6


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