MG College Advanced MG Tree Steward Training 2018

Advanced Master Gardener: Tree Steward Program Managers Training at MG College 2018

The Advanced Master Gardener – Tree Steward Program Manager Training was offered in conjunction with Master Gardener College in 2006, 2009, 2012, 2015, and will be offered again in 2018.  This training is intended to help Units that cannot muster enough participants or instructors to host the training in their home unit.  Core training in both technical areas and in programming will be offered at MG College, but the trainees will be expected to return to their units, and work closely with their Agent and/or Unit Coordinator to complete the exercises required to become an Advanced Master Gardener. More importantly, the Advanced Master Gardener Program Manager will be expected to investigate the needs of their home community and establish a new program – or – evaluate and retool their Unit’s existing program.


  • Must be a Master Gardener.  This training is not open to Master Gardener Trainees nor interns.  All participants must have completed all of the requirements to become a Master Gardener prior to commencing this Advanced Master Gardener Training.
  • Must have the express permission of their local Agent and/or Unit Coordinator.
  • Must pay an additional fee for the additional instruction, and the Handbook
  • Candidates will take a prescribed course of study offered at MG College.

Course of Study:

Topics Speakers Estimated length of lecture Time Slot Hand-book Chapter
Benefits of Trees to the Community & How Volunteers can help the Urban Forest Frank Reilly

Logistics Management Institute

12364 Meyer Lane

Stafford, VA 22556


1/2 Hour Wednesday 9-9:30 AM  Unit 1
A Model for Success (TREE STEWARD):Advanced Master Gardener Programmatic Training Pat ReillyThe Reilly Group

67 Meyer Lane

Stafford, VA 22556-3430


1/2 hours Wednesday 9:30 – 11:30This class is a required part of the training unless you are already an Advanced Master Gardener in another discipline. Each Chapter and Unit 12
Lunch On your own 1 Hour Wednesday 12:00:-1:00 PM
Tree Biology Branck Biology, CODIT and Pruning 1 Hour Thursday 1:00:-2:30AM  Unit 2
Break 2:30-3:00
Value of Trees in the landscape,  Benefits of trees to landowners and to the community and effects of Climate Change Frank Reilly 1 Hour Wednesday 3:00-4:00  Unit 3
Right Plant Right Place Carol King 1.5 Hour Thursday 9:00:-10:30 AM
Plant Management, & Construction Impacts Ed MilhousTrees PleaseP. O. Box 1025

Haymarket, Virginia 20169



1 Hour Thursday 9-10:  Unit 2
Break Thursday 10:30-10:45 PM
Diseases & Pests Patsy McGrady 1 Hour Thursday 10:45-11:45
Lunch On your own 1 Hour Wednesday 12:00:-1:00 PM
Tree Inventory: This class is open to Tree Steward Program Managers as advanced training.   It is a requirement for those in the current class. Eric Weismann 3.5 hours Thursday 1:00 – 5:00 PM with a break.

Classroom and field work – Rain or Shine Dress appropriately.


  • Candidates will return to their Units and work closely with their unit leadership to develop and implement a program for their community based on an assessment of community needs, and the resources available.
  • Candidates will submit their project idea in the form of a report to the State Master Gardener Coordinator for approval.
  • Candidates will implement the approved project, volunteer no less than 30 hours, and report on the outcome of the initial project activities.
  • In order to remain an Advanced Master Gardener – Tree Steward continued volunteer commitment above that required to remain an Master Gardener is required at a level established by the local coordinator and/or Agent.