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Advanced Master Gardeners – Land Care Steward

The Smart Yard Care Book is available! Click here to see sample chapters and find out how to order!

Using Smart Yard Care to become a FireWise Landowner Presented to North Carolina Master Gardeners at Guilford County, 2012

Master Gardeners wishing to become Advanced Master Gardener – Land Care Stewards will need to purchase a copy of the Handbook and complete programmatic training. This Handbook is available from the Office of Consumer Horticulture at Virginia Tech. Click here to find out how to obtain copies of both required texts.

The Advanced Master Gardener – Land Care Handbook is divided into 6 Units of study. Use the links below to access the Units and their contents. The goals for each unit are given on the page devoted to each unit of study as is a suggested reading list, and a number of learning resources including PowerPoint presentations, links to on-line publications, and other sources for useful material.


Unit 1 Becoming a Master Gardener Land Care Steward

Unit 2 Land Care Planning And Management To Reduce Yardwaste

Unit 3 Reusing Yardwaste

Unit 4 Recycling Yardwaste: Composting

Unit 5 Stewardship At The Wildland-Urban Interface

Unit 6 Programming and Project Planning

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